Maple Hill Farm New London, NH

Just wanted to let you know how excited and happy I am with the interactive video tour you produced for my Bed and Breakfast "Maple Hill Farm and "Lake House".  The tour went on-line a week ago and I have already booked over $1000 in reservations in addition to a potential family reunion/wedding this fall that can bring in over $4000. 
I look forward to working with you this spring to bring on line our renovated barn and views featuring our flower gardens and grounds.  Thanks again,
Dennis and Roberta Aufranc​

Alexander Hamilton House Cape Cod

The task of planning & running our B&B is very time consuming. Every so often we are visited by Robert Nunez as he makes the rounds of most of the other Inns on Cape Cod and SE Massachusetts. He suggested creating/displaying a "Virtual Tour" with 360-degree views of our Suites. The responses that we get about our Inn from Guests are just 'button popping' as our chests swell with pride; most who have seen the Virtual Tour just want to call right away and book their vacation stay.

I am writing today to suggest to anyone who wants to 'increase their business' contact Robert Nunez @ 508 883-8940. Over time the trend in website design has become more visual than text-based. Do you want visitors to your website to spend more time on your site? There are too many solicitations from others to 'help fix' your website for a fee. This gentleman delivers exactly 'what' he promises 'when' he says it will be done!!
-Steve Lefton, Innkeeper

Victoria Skylar Bed & Breakfast Inn: Newport, RI

"Just wanted to thank you for a job well done on the shooting of the Victoria Skylar Bed and Breakfast here in Newport, Rhode Island. I have worked with other photographers over the years, but working with you was probably the easiest and most rewarding. You were very accommodating and patient in doing all of the rooms, and taking a wide range of pictures. You went over and above what I expected, and the picture quality was great. The virtual tour will be a great help in showcasing each of our rooms to prospective guests. I have already received several positive comments from people who have viewed the website, looking to book rooms with us. I look forward to having you back again to do shots of the garden and exterior area of the inn to complete our new package for our new website. Once again, I would like to thank you for all of your help and patience, and for the great quality of work."
-Ann Coulton   
President, Newport County Inns and Bed and Breakfasts Association 
Owner, the Victoria Skylar Bed and Breakfast Inn

 Shaker Mill Inn: West Stockbridge, MA
"We had been running our B & B for a year and a half with so-so occupancy rates.  Customer comments about our website were merely polite.  We uploaded our new photos from Interactive Web Tours to our website including the link to our Virtual tour.  Almost immediately, comments about our website became most complimentary, and our occupancy rates jumped.  We did not anticipate how busy we ended up being in the last few months, especially in a down economy.  The impact of high quality photos in the hospitality business cannot be overstated!  We look forward to having additional outdoor photos taken this spring by Interactive Web Tours. Cheers!"
-Bob Thileault, Inn Keeper

The Spring Seasons Inn and Tea Room: Newport, RI
"As a Bed and Breakfast in a competitive tourist destination, (Newport, RI) we are always looking for ways to market our business. I saw Robert's work when we were planning a vacation in New Hampshire and one of the Inns that we looked at had a photo tour on their website done by Robert and his company. This was the first time I had saw one and I was impressed at how it presented the property and the individual rooms but thought to myself this would be too expensive for our small Inn and I had forgotten about it.

Several months later Robert called our local B&B association president and requested an opportunity to showcase his work to our association. When we met Robert and he showed us his work and how we could use it to market our own Inn, we were impressed with how it looked and thought we could use something like that. When Robert explained the pricing we were sold. One of the comments we typically receive from our guests is that our website photos don't do our rooms any justice; people are always pleasantly surprised when they see our rooms and say that it is bigger than expected or words to that effect.  After going home and discussing this, Susan and I decided to hire Robert to do a photo tour of our Inn. 

Robert gave us a date that worked for us and him and one that fit in between bookings as we were doing this during a busy season. Robert came down with his equipment, set up and photographed the Inn. He then spent the afternoon and evening working in the computer and putting it all together. When he left, he told us to give him a couple of days and he would be fine tuning the finished product at his office. Within a few days Robert called us to look at the finished product and we were extremely happy with the work that we saw. He added a few touches that were unexpected but were very meaningful to the finished product. 

Robert was extremely easy and pleasant to deal with during his initial presentation to our group and once he showed up at our Inn. He is a first rate salesman but he did not use any high pressure sales; he simply showed us how this can benefit our business and although we have only had it up a couple of months, and towards the end of our high season, it has taken a lot of hits when I review our web stats. I can't wait to see how we do with it as we go into to high season this year. We also plan to have Robert come back in the spring time when the outdoor patio is open to add an additional scene to our tour. Robert Nunez and Photoae360.com have our highest recommendation."

-Bill & Susan Farrell

Island Inn on Martha's Vineyard: Oak Bluffs, MA
"Just a short note to thank you for the work you did on our Virtual Tour.
The results have been spectacular, not only because we have been able to showcase our product more accurately than simple photographers can, but also have enabled us to realize substantial time and cost savings during reservations process now that we no longer have to describe our various rooms in detail.
I wish we had done this years ago!"
-Derek N. Tipton, General Manger

Fat Cactus: Lynnfield, MA 
Bostonville Grille: Lynnfield, MA 
Sports Grill  Boston: Boston, MA
Sports Spirits & Steaks: North Reading, MA

"Robert Nunez is a Virtual Tour Genius. He shot a tour of my 23 thousand square foot sports bar/entertainment center first and was amazed with the quality. It is a tool I continuously use to attract new and repeat customers. My function staff can book functions of any size over the phone by taking our customers through the different rooms on the virtual tour. I have since used Robert to shoot two smaller sports bar and a new Mexican restaurant and am once again completely satisfied with the results. I would recommend Artistic Expression to any business no matter what size." 
-Matt, Owner

Publick House Historic Inn: Sturbridge, MA
"I have had numerous guests tell me the reason for considering our property was because they saw the Virtual Tour on our Website." 
-Josh Reeves, Banquet Manager

New England Trade 
"This is the one sure thing you can do to increase your cash sales!  This company has a proven track record of increasing the amount of cash sales you receive from your website. Bob Nunez has built a solid reputation and his product is a proven winner. Take a look at these links and his many happy customers.  They all say the same thing – this brings them more cash business.  It works for restaurants, it works for hotels and inns, it works for real estate and health clubs.  It brings people right into your business. Show them the room, the house, the table, let them walk around.

More and more people research via internet before buying, this tool gives your website the competitive edge.  Your website might have a picture of a room, this puts them inside the room, inside the house, inside…well you get the idea. I just ask that you click through to the website and read the testimonials.  I know Derek Tipton at the Island Inn and Peter Trautman at Scargo Café are both happy customers. We all want more sales and that is what this tool delivers!"
-Larry Conn, New England Trade

Christopher Dodge House Inn: Providence, RI

"Bob completed this work in a timely and professional way and assisted us in getting the virtual tour set up on our internet home page.  He made helpful suggestions to us during the actual photographic work which improved the quality of the finished product, and was always patient in answering our questions throughout the entire process.  While the virtual tour has not actually been part of our website for a long time, we have already seen an increase in business during the past month or two.  While it is impossible to attribute that increase entirely to Bob's work for us, it is quite probable that our new virtual tour has contributed substantially to it.

I would recommend Bob Nunez to anyone who is looking for an innovative way to increase their business if a visual inspection of the product or service offered would help a potential customer decide where to spend his or her money."

-Owner/Innkeeper, Kenneth I. Parker   

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